About MoRo

Welcome to MoRo Collected!  We're so glad you're here.  We are Tay and Shivhon; sisters, and shop owners. Tay is the mama of two rainbow babies behind the scenes. 


Story Behind the Store

(WARNING - The story begins sad but has a happy ending!)

March 2016 Tay went into preterm labor and delivered her first child stillborn.  The loss was completely unexpected and left her searching for healing. While undergoing IVF treatments, she and her sister Shivhon began thinking of ways to help other mothers who experience medical complications. Together they established the Lia Bella Baby Foundation with a social mission and began creating baby products ethically made in eco-friendly ways. Tay eventually went on to have two rainbow baby preemies that both spent a long time in NICU but are thriving today.
Realizing they could help more women with a larger platform, Tay and Shivhon bought MoRo Collected and a percentage of every purchase goes to the March of Dimes to help more mothers and babies.
Fun Fact - We kept the name MoRo to honor Tay's grandmother who's initials are MoRo!


Q: Where are you based?

In Dallas, Texas ya'll!  Shivhon ships our in-house items from Dallas and Tay runs the online store from Washington DC. BUT our products are sourced from all over the world, and we also ship internationally!

Q: Where do your products come from?

As an online retailer, we carry many brands from all over the world. Currently about 40% of items are from the US and 60% are from overseas including Africa.  We have high standards for our suppliers, and always look for natural fabrics + materials.

Q: How much is shipping?

It's fuh-ree. Nilch. Nada. $0.  Read more about MoRo Eco Shipping.

Q: How long will it take to receive my items?

We engage in Eco Shipping, which takes 2-4 weeks for most items. We're always looking for ways to improve and get your items to you faster.

Q: I only received one of my items. Is that normal?

Yes, don't worry.  Just like Amazon, we may ship one order in multiple packages so that you get your items as quickly as possible.

Q: Do you have a Brand Ambassador or an Affiliate program?

Yes! We're always looking for new Ambassadors & Affiliates to join the team.  Please DM us on Instagram to see if you qualify, and learn more about it.

Q: What about returns?

You can return anything you don't love for a FULL REFUND. Returned items are washed and donated to a family in need. <3  If you need to initiate a return, just email us at morocollected@gmail.com, or reply to any email from us.

Have more questions? Please DM us on Instagram!