Brand Ambassador Application

MoRo Collected is looking for potential brand ambassadors who have access to a baby (or babies!), who love our store, and who are willing to spread the word about our shop.  In order to become an ambassador, you must fill out an application, like us on Facebook, and repost one of our Instagram pictures on your Instagram account (it can be our post looking for Ambassadors or any of our other posts). You must have a public Instagram account to be considered. 

In order to participate, you must agree to the following:

  • Follow @MoRoCollected on Instagram and like us on Facebook. 
  • Include in your Instagram and Facebook bio that you’re a @MoRoCollected ambassador.
  • Share posts of you and/or your little(s) in our apparel.
  • All posts must be completed within 2 weeks after you receive the product(s).

In return, you will:

  • Receive a free welcome product.
  • Pick a free product monthly.
  • Receive at least 25% off all products as long as requirements are met.
  • Have the chance to be featured on our social media.